X Map Systems Accessories


Chargers € 40,- :

These engineered wall and vehicle chargers offer a 4 times faster charging time for your X Map OFF-Road 3000 batteries compared to charging via a computer. These chargers allow you to charge and use your system simultaneously.

Rugged protective corners € 20,- :

These rugged protective corners are great to protect you X Map OFF-Road 3000. These protective corners fits great over your OFF-Road 3000 housing to help guard against dirt, dust, and drops. The rugged protective corners are great for replacement.

Suction cup mount € 40,- :

This suction cup mount is great to attach your OFF-Road 3000, 4000 & 5000 to a sport quad, utility atv, car, boat, motorcycles and many more. There are no limits with this ”engineered” for stability suction cup mount, the adjustable arms allow you complete freedom in any direction.

Industrial mount € 40,- :

Attach your OFF-Road 3000 on any surface with this industrial mount mount, just drill some holes and secure the bolts. The included adjustable arms makes it easy to achieve the perfect angle for a great map view. Complete freedom with this industrial mount.

Battery € 45,- :

Use this 1050mAhv lithium rechargeable battery as a replacement or spare part for your X Map OFF-Road 3000. This lithium is easy to replace with in few minutes. Just un screw the back and change the battery. Easy for replacement or as spare battery!

SanDisk 16GB MicroSDHC™ € 40,- :

SanDisk high-performance microSDHC™ 16 GB extreme pro class 10 card is a premium memory solution for your OFF-Road 3000. This 80 MB/s microSDHC™ card allows you to carry more music, text files and 1080p movies. The card is water and drop proof.

Bluetooth headset € 50,- :

Is the Bluetooth headset lost? No worries you can always purchase one as spare, as easy as it sounds. This small and comfortable headset connects with your X-Map OFF-Road 4000 & 5000 and also to other Bluetooth such as your mobile phone and walkman.

  • Date : August 26, 2014
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