• Smart Phones
    Each of the X-Tel devices has a strong, rugged, waterproof design built for all purposes, environments and weather types. The X-Tel is built for outdoor adventures, motorcycle rides, construction works, agricultural terrain and industrial environments. Every X-Tel is built to be used anywhere from pleasure to professional operations.
  • GPS Trackers
    We have a vehicle GPS tracker - the ´X-Track´ and a personal GPS tracker – the ´X-SOS´. X-Track is the perfect GPS solution to secure your belongings - a water, dust and shockproof GPS track and trace device. X-SOS is a water, dust, and vibration proof GPS track and trace device with an SOS button. Should something happen to you, you can notify others instantly with the X-SOS and report that help is needed.
  • Robust Tablets
    The X-Tab 9000 is the first GPS, WiFi and 3G tablet to be completely IP67 (waterproof up to 100cm for 30 minutes) and like the X-Tel phones is also water, dust, vibration and shockproof. The X-Tab android tablet is built for all weather and tough conditions – excellent for any indoor or outdoor situation. Due to its newest and most advanced technical specifications it can be used for pleasure as well as business. We can assist you with implementing the X-Tab into your business or lifestyle.
  • Rugged Electronics
    Like everyone, we love gadgets and accessories although they have to be life proof, look good and be user friendly so we can use them anywhere at any time of the day. That´s why we love our job at X-Systems.We have great life-proof, weatherproof, waterproof, shockproof gadgets for more outdoor fun or use in industrial situations. Giving you the best is our aim, X-Systems.