X-Tel 3000

The X-Tel 3000 is an outdoor waterproof mobile phone with retro styled T9 keyboard working on a powerful low energy consumption nucleus software platform. A waterproof phone specially built for calling and other essentials such as text messaging and a tiny webrouwser. This outdoor waterproof phone is very compact, light and extremely waterproof.

X-Tel 7500

X-Tel 7500 4G LTE is a safe and durable IP68/IPX8 waterproof smartphone built for industrial outdoor usage. With IP68/IPX8 military standard waterproof protection which makes this smartphone waterproof upto 2 meters submersive for 30 minutes. IP68/IPX8 waterproof certification is the highest waterproof & outdoor protection grade available.


X-Tel 9000

The X-Tel 9000 4G LTE rugged & waterproof smartphone is one of the most robust, IP68/IPX8 smartphones available. Fully 100% waterproof, rugged and built for industrial outdoor and indoor use. With the latest high tech smartphone specifications this rugged smartphone is fully waterproof, desinfectants proof and static discharge proof !

X-Tel 9900

This X-Tel 9900 4G LTE encrypted smartphone has been designed for secure high-risk situations does not mean that it does not have the sophisticated technologies associated of other smartphones. It has an internal storage of 16 GB while it also have 3 gigabytes of ram and a micro SD card could be used up to 64 GB in size. This phone has a 5 inch screen and it also uses a QHD five point multi touchscreen which is easy to read.


X-Tab 7500

This industrial tablet is specially designed to be impact- and resistant proof. Further on it’s a reliable partner for your toughest environmental circumstances during your work. This means, that no matter under whatever environmental circumstances the tablet needs to work, it keeps on surviving. An industrial worker, farmer, construction, fisherman or whatever other job there is, you never will find a better fitting tablet. The X-Tab 7500 is equipped with 16 GB SSD + extended memory to store your important data, 3G connection and WIFI interconnection.

X-Tab 9000

The X-Tab 9000 extremely tough tablet comes with an 8 GB SSD and extended memory to store your important data. Wifi & 3G connection are included so that you can connect easily with the internet while having the benefit of utilizing the X-Tab’s rugged tablet high tech platform. The X-tab is made for extreme conditions. It has a working temp of -20 to 80c with a 7inch sun light readable IPS screen and a 11000mAh lithium Battery for maximum performance and the reliability that you need.


X-Cam 2000

The body camera is equipped with PTT (Porto phone), through a build-in microphone and speaker. The X-camera also has a night vision, so you can use the camera on every desirable moment. The 4G connection with the smartphone is completely safe, so all the data, information and texts your are sending, are in good hands.