3900mAh of power: The X-Tel 9000 has a powerful removable 3600mAh lithium battery, so you can stay connected. Experience the freedom of a rugged outdoor smartphone with the power and technology to keep up with your lifestyle and work. The X-Tel 9000 massive battery and power-saving technology means you can stay connected for longer, whatever you decide to do. Save 30% of battery life while maintaining the same high quality and performance. Enjoy an unrivalled battery life-time, like never seen before. So if you’re planning a long weekend away with friends, or start a long business video-call session, the X-Tel will gives you more time to keep yourself and others entertained. The X-Tel 9000 is the ultimate handheld smartphone with a large screen, unbreakable and extremely long battery life. You have to see and use it to believe its long standby usage time on a single charge of 20 days!


NUCLEUS Android: The X-Tel 9000 has the advanced and most energy efficient Android operating system platform available. The X-Tel 9000 makes use of the famous energy efficient Mentor Embedded Nucleus RTOS Android operating system platform. Nucleus RTOS is a real-time operating system designed for scalability and reliability, Nucleus system improves the reliability by using lightweight memory partitioning. This Nucleus operating system the most innovative and advanced integrated power management that only uses the process that are required and not which are running in the background and includes support for DVFS, deep sleep modes, and power/clock gating.

Benefits of Mentor Embedded Nucleus RTOS Android:

• Very low power consumption!
• Stable deterministic kernel with a small memory footprint (as low as 2 kb).
• Process model for memory partitioning to increase product reliability with and without MMIU.
• Power management APIs for low-power design.
• High data and network security.
• Extensive architecture support including ARM, MIPS, and Power.
• Only uses processes that are required to run, no background running.
• Process model for memory partitioning to increase product reliability for devices with and without MMIU.

For more information see the explanation video, play video>


Longer Lasting: The X-Tel 9000 3600mAh battery gives you 40 hours of standard use, 22 hours of talk-time or web surfing across 3G networks and at least 7 hours of full HD internet gaming. With X-Tel 9000 smart-power saving technology, which enables your smartphone to save up to 30% of its battery life, you can get up to 20 days of standby usage on a single charge. So if you’re carrying a X-Tel 9000, you won’t have to always worry about forgetting to bring your charger.

Power Management: Don’t worry that your battery runs low with this X-Tel, you are in complete control of the power management. The power efficiency mode knows many settings. You can change the set the automatic sleep timer, set a time for automatic shutdown and start-up (ideal for the outdoor nights), adjust the power consumption mode (GRPS usage) or lock your screen to black modus to minimise battery usage.
There is optimal power efficiency, where you control the power management and with removable batteries when needed.


Power Bank: Having such a massive and powerful 3600mAh battery is also a benefit for your friends and colleges. The X-Tel 9000 can charge other devices with it’s impressive battery. It will function as a huge mobile power bank when needed. The X-Tel reverse charging function lets your X-Tel 9000 serve as a power source for your friends or colleges device. From now one your the one to keep everyone powered and connected. Simply connect your X-Tel with a other USB powered device and start enjoying excellent energy sharing. While sharing energy, you’re free to use your X-Tel 9000 for other things.
With this X-Tel you become quickly and easily victorious, your the one that will powers-up the party.


Bluetooth 4.0: The X-Tel 9000 uses the latest and most efficient Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy. Which provides a central role to various applications and app’s within the X-Tel 9000 smartphone such as NFC connection yet also various proximity sensors, heart rate monitors, fitness devices, and so on. In this way you can connect, via Bluetooth NFC or just Bluetooth to other smart devices such as tablets, smart watches, personal computers, dvr’s, light strips, thermometers, beacon’s, game controllers, televisions, and so on.

Removable batteries: Extend the X-Tel 9000 lifespan or boost your power when there’s no nothing around to charge it with. The X-Tel 9000 provides this superior solution for two main reasons. 1) Once traveling or being on or around a worksight it might be needed to increase your usability even when the battery power is low. With the strong battery we believe it won’t happen quickly, however you never know. 2) The more often you recharge your battery or leave the charger in any smartphone on a certain point the battery loses its strength, and as extra service the X-Tel 9000 provides its clients with a removable battery option. The batteries are also compatible for charges by the X-Power mobile power reserve or as a handy spare part.